I started this project after making money mistakes myself. My "lightbulb" moment came a couple of years ago. My wife and son were with me at an all-inclusive hotel in Cuba. We were there for three weeks and had got a great deal on the holiday. When talking to another couple, I realised that they'd spent almost 50% more on the holiday (also for 2 adults and 1 child) and not only that they were here for 2 weeks, we were here for 3! 

As I spoke to my wife about what a great deal we had, did I or my wife give a second thought to the fact that the holiday had been paid on a credit card!? No!? Course we didn't! After-all it was a 0% purchases credit card. We were winning!

It took a year from this moment for things to hit us. My wife one night asked me if we'd paid off the holiday. After thinking for a few seconds, I responded with the only truth there was "I don't know." Neither of us did and that uncovered the problem. 

My credit rating was excellent, so we had a few cards, a loan, an overdraft. Oh yes, we had everything. I had a good, steady job. 

The mess was gradually uncovered and so started our journey. We previously thought we were good with money - we weren't and do you know what I found out as I spoke with other? They too claimed to be "good with money" but the vast majority weren't! 

Our experiences and subsequently reading book after book, watching podcasts, online videos, etc led me to start this project. 

So wherever you are in your financial life, good luck. I hope this website helps. 

Thanks for taking the time to explore this website and good luck!


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