Seven Side Hustles That Actually Work

During my time of sourcing extra income to help pay down debt, me and my wife have had seven side hustles that have all increased our income. All have required work and none have been easy. One of the hardest things has been to separate the wheat from the chaff is so many websites and people talk about side hustles that don’t actually work or are extremely specialist. Please note all these side hustles have been completed in New Zealand but all can be done anywhere. Figures have been converted into US Dollars for ease. Here goes….

Side Hustle #1 — I’ve been on this site reviewing websites for the past 18 months. Over this lockdown period, I’ve made $40. The tough part is getting through the screening questions, you get through these — you get to do the test. Typically, it involves going to a website and answering questions based on your experience. I’ve found that most are done in less than 10 minutes. You get paid $10 for most tests and the money goes into your Paypal Account exactly 7 days since doing the test. There is an option to try and do live reviews of websites…personally I’ve never done this but they do pay more and last longer. I love the website as you can dip in and out of it as you see fit and I enjoy doing the reviews.

Side Hustle #2 Mystery Shopping — this side hustle has been really cool. I’ve visited lots of different shops and some products I’ve got to keep — the best being a lotto shop as I got to keep the lotto ticket and then won $60!! Mystery shops that I’ve done pay between $10 to $50 depending on the complexity. Once you have visited a place, a review needs to be completed online the same day. Fuel isn’t refunded for the company I do it for but I live in a small area. One of the most enjoyable aspects is you get to ask/search/buy products that you wouldn’t normally go for.

Side Hustle #3 Hosting International Students — Me and my wife love this one! We have hosted 2 boys from Japan, a girl from Germany and another girl from Japan. The students become part of your family and your basic responsibility is to provide them with meals and accommodation, however, to really embrace the experience (not to mention to be fair to the students) it’s a good idea to show the students your local area and get them involved with your family and friends. We’ve been paid $150 per week per student. Take out of this your food, utility bills, and even the extras such as days out, takeaways, etc then you still can comfortably make money. It’s really a win-win.

Side Hustle #4 — Jobs on the boards at local supermarkets. My wife scored an absolute winner here. She loves walking and has experience working with people with mental health issues. A lady who had dementia needed someone to go walking with her for 2 hours three times a week. My wife did it for 18 months before the woman’s condition deteriorated and she had to move from her own home to a care home. In our local supermarket, there’s always something being advertised — the most common being for people to cut the lawns and babysitters.

Side Hustle #5 — Facebook Marketplace — selling your stuff on here is not only easy, but there’s also no fees. Everyone feels different about security but if you’re not too concerned then people can collect items from your own home. If it suits then you can meet a mutually agreeable place. Saves on any postage and traveling to the post office.

Side Hustle #6 — Teaching English — okay this one is a bit more specialist and I am a teacher by trade so easy enough for me. I did it through tutoring in student’s homes. There are lots of websites that people can go teach students online, there’s particular demand from Asia for teaching English as a second language — obviously, the times need to tie in.

Side Hustle #7- Fostering — ok, not for everyone but is most definitely the most lucrative. No judgments here but this one requires a person/family who are prepared to have their lives changed through having a child (typically who has experienced extreme trauma) into their homes. People often look at foster parents as heroes (and they certainly are doing a great thing) but it does pay extremely well — $350+ per week. Our personal experiences have been of three different placements (all temporary) and the three children have been so different. A particular challenge for us has been the effect the child has had on our own child, both positive and negative.

These seven side hustles have complimented our wages, we both work full-time. They have really helped us as we work towards becoming debt-free — excluding mortgage, which will be the next target.

We are always looking for new side hustles especially with all the uncertainty in the world at the moment.

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