My recommendations

The following list is a compilation of products and services that I use. It is fair to assume that if you click on these links and use the products, then I will benefit from it - whether it be in monetary form or through discounts.

Exchanging Money

For money transfers, I use Transferwise as they give an outstanding exchange rate. Personally, I often transfer money between the UK and New Zealand due to owning property in the UK - Transferwise kills the bank exchange rates by far., so it's more money for you! At the time of writing over 7 million people use it and I've personally been using it for a couple of years with no problems at all.

If you'd like to use this service, going here helps me out as for every 3 friends I invite I get $85. You can do that too!

Air BnB

This is my link for Air BnB. Basically, if you use my code then you'll get $69 off and I get $30 off - so it's win-win  

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